Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, Monday...

So, the hubby left for Florida yesterday and we are on our own again. Been there. Done that.

My fingers aren't working very well today. This post may be quite small.

Anyway, with the "Man" gone and PMS on it's way, this week could shape up to be EXPLOSIVE! hehehe Okay, maybe not. I did spend a few moments this weekend pondering the ponderable's and writing the-most-scintillating-blog-you've-ever-read in my head. Unfortunately, now that I am here, I've got nothing. Nothing.

And considering that no one else on the interwebs is reading this, I should take advantage and really, really write what's on my mind.

Still nothing. How sad is that?

OH WAIT! I know....

Life on Elk Meadows is....

sunny with a chance of screaming banshee today. :) Cheers!

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